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I Will Be Married In a Year [Audio CD]

Do you want to be married in a year? This audio CD course (180 minutes with 50 page workbook) is for those who wish to remove their blocks to intimacy, to develop a simple action plan for finding the mate of their choice and to reshape attitudes toward life. Take control of your future by following the ten essential steps to finding your dream mate knowing the top ten pitfalls you must avoid. You could be married in a year. You can have the best year of your life.

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Available in person, by phone, Skype, Jitsi, or FaceTime

Love doesn't die if you don’t kill it. KEEP THE SPARK ALIVE. ACTUALLY, MAKE IT BONFIRE WORTHY. Selecting well when choosing a partner is important but so is making the best of your choice. You have heard that marriage or a committed relationship is hard work but it isn’t hard work if it’s working. If you provide maintenance, enhancement, and variety (we all need change up sometimes no matter how good a relationship is), then love will work for you. One person can change a relationship. It’s simple: if you change, change happens.Learn about communication do’s and don’t’s, creating your own love bait and using it, setting a new love game plan, and most importantly, getting a new attitude. Positive expectations plus effort produce positive results, and that applies to love just like anything else! The time to be a better lover in every sense of the word is now. You have so many years to reap the benefit. So go ahead - be those worst guests at a dinner party: the couple in love. So you loose a few invitations but gain a whole lot of life.

Private Consults available in person, by phone, Skype, Jitsi, or FaceTime

Think falling in love and living happily ever after is a fantasy? Join Dr. Janet Page for some fun (dating is not funeral attendance) with the serious intent to make your dream a reality and help you have one of the best years of your life. This action-based workshop emphasizes heart and brain - an emotionally intelligent approach to finding your mate. Attitude really is everything. Where you go is important. But who you are when you go, and how you make use of opportunities is more important.

Learn to avoid pitfalls, fight fear, put your new show on the road, know when to quit, and how to recognize a keeper. Isn't your future mate too important to leave to chance?

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Private Consults available in person, by phone, Skype, Jitsi, or FaceTime

People over 40 have health and energy their parents could not have imagined. Growing older now offers more opportunity than ever before. The "grow old gracefully" philosophy of previous generations has changed — but to WHAT? The choices are yours. Create and live your own dreams regarding romance, love, and really living life. Define new expectations and intentions and develop the courage it takes to make them reality. This course is designed for couples and singles 40's to early 100's who know that you can never stop taking chances and who want a new and positive perspective unhindered by age biases and defeatist attitudes. Come with us on an exciting adventure that will help you develop the mind set and a concrete plan for living well into your future.

Private Consults available in person, by phone, Skype, Jitsi, or FaceTime

Having a loving relationship with the food you eat is part of a physically and mentally healthy life. Learn to love what you eat and be sure it loves you right back. Diets don't work and neither does self-denigration, or obsessive compulsive eating behaviors. Diets are short term. Attitude is life long.

It is not just what you eat but how, when and why that are important to your health and happiness. Participants will learn how variety, freedom of choice, and enjoyment are essential to a lifelong approach to food and they will discover how to eat and be satisfied, cheerful and full. To feel good in your own skin, you need to write your own rules and make them flexible, sustainable and livable. Create a more joyful body image and a lifetime action plan that really works for you.

The infrastructure is the quality of love in your life and the lifestyle you lead. Eating is not a cure for loneliness, personal dissatisfaction, or lack of purpose. Over eating can produce unwanted weight but so does procrastination, aggravation, resentment, depression, and boredom. Identify and start changing what bothers you most and your feelings about yourself change too. Live life at the fullest without guilt about what you eat, whom you love, or how you live.

Some life tips to chew on:

Attractive comes in all sizes
You don't have to eat the fortune cookie to get your fortune
Nothing tastes better than fit feels
You are your own mirror – don't exit without something nice to say
You have to feel good in your own skin to bare it
The only diet that works is a negativity diet.
Confidence is sexy and powerful
You don't need to be more disciplined just more aware